How to Get Organic Youtube Subscribers

Get Organic Youtube Subscribers

If you’re looking to get more subscribers on YouTube, you’re in luck. In this article, I’ll show you how to get organic youtube subscribers in just a few simple steps that any beginners can follow. Getting more subscribers is essential for growing your channel and building an audience. And the great thing is that it’s easier than you might think. In this article, I’ll show you how to get organic youtube subscribers in just a few simple steps. So let’s get started.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What is organic youtube subscribers?
  • how to get organic youtube subscribers (Step by Step)
  • Final thoughts


It’s always not easy to get organic subscribers for the beginner. if you just started your very first YouTube channel don’t expect that you will get organic YouTube subscribers until you read this article and follow all the steps. I will share all the thing you need to get organic YouTube subscribers. I will break down complete process in few steps so that you can understand more clearly. Let’s check below steps in the next section to get organic YouTube subscribers.

What is organic youtube subscribers?

Organic youtube subscribers refers to subscribers for your channel who have gradually & progressively engaged into your channel and also have a significant increment in engagement level and watch-time level. You can consider that, if you get subscribers who subscribe your channel after a significant engagement and watch time. Normally this happen when you have high quality good content. People watch some of your videos and they feel interested in your channel and then they subscribe your channel to get your latest videos fast. They can also enable notification (bell icon) to get your newly publish notification in YouTube notification. However, in case of beginner, it’s hard to publish high quality video content. For those beginners this would be the best way to get organic subscribers.

how to get organic youtube subscribers

These are very simple steps that you can use to get organic YouTube subscribers. Anyone can simply follow the steps to get organic YouTube subscribers.

1) Prepare your phone:

You need to have good internet connection/WiFi, then install ExchangeApp from PlayStore by clicking here. Once installation is complete, click “Open”

click to open app

2) Login and connect your channel

Now you will see a login button. click on login and then connect your real channel where you want to get subscribers and watch-time. Don’t connect any dummy channel. You wouldn’t be able to change your channel later. ExchangeApp also don’t allow fake account/channel. So be careful in this step

3) Create view campaign

Before you can create campaign, You need to earn some coins. You can get coins from one of the below section.

get subscribers
earn coins

Now go to “Campaign” section and then click on “Create campaign”. Select “View” in campaign type. then click on search button and pick any of your channel video.

Now select any duration and choose the quantity(amount) as you want, as an example I set quantity to 50. which mean, 50 people will watch my video and they will be in “New Audience” section [will know later]. see below screenshot as reference.

Now the main option you must select is “Non-Subscribers” and then click on “Create campaign” to complete this step. Now wait to complete this campaign you just created.

view campaign setting
view campaign setting

4) Increase their engagement and watch time

After sometime, once your campaign is complete, go to “My Account” section and then click “New Audience”. You will see list of users who watched your video from the campaign you were created in previous step. Click on each user, you will see option like below screenshot, where you will get an option “Ask to engage”. click on this option and then choose any video from your channel. You will see a success message. once user engage into your channel again, you will see in this user list and how many times they engaged into your channel.

Ask to engage into YouTube channel
Ask to engage

You can repeat this ask to engage step for each users as much as you want, which will make them engage into your channel and also you will receive more watch time.

5) Ask them to Subscribe

From previous step once each user engaged more than 3 times, You can then get option to ask them to subscribe your channel. You can also ask to engage more as per organic definition above.

ask to subscribe your channel
ask to subscribe

Once they subscribe your channel that user will moved to “All Subscriber” section in “My Account”. You can also ask to engage again from “All Subscriber” option to make more active subscribers and also can ask to them to verify their subscription status, in case you think someone unsubscribed.

6) Repeat above steps to get more organic subscribers

In step (3) I choose the quantity to 50. Mean 50 user will be in My Account > New Audience and from there we can make them active audience to our channel and then we can make them organic subscribers. We need to repeat step 3 to 5 again to get more subscribers.

Final thoughts

Based on the definition of organic subscribers, if someone engage few times and watch more of your video and then subscribe and continue watching videos from your channel, then those subscribers count as a organic subscribers and YouTube count those subscribers as permanent subscribers. If you follow the above steps using ExchangeApp you can do the same as per definition mean you can get organic YouTube subscribers.

As a beginner lots of people try to increase their subscribers by doing sub4sub and they lose subscribers after sometime, hope you find the reason here why sub4sub don’t work, also sub4sub is prohibited by YouTube. You may also try some other apps to get subscribers but those app don’t have features to get organic YouTube subscribers as like as ExchangeApp

Happy YouTubing <3

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