Cloud mining sites 2022

Free Cloud mining sites 2022


The most common form of crypto trading is based on an exchange contract. In this case, you can make trades directly with your tokens or NFT. At times, it helps to use one crypto wallet for all operations. However, some people often find other ways to get free crypto by simply downloading software that offers cloud mining. And here are the best 5 sites that provide free cloud mining services.

Pros Cons Low fees Low prices No registration fee Only free

Check out these five options below that will give you access to unlimited computing power and blockchain mining without any subscription fee. The good news is we are giving you the best deals on these platforms, including no registration, low-cost prices, and high-quality data mining tools. So don’t miss out on them! Let’s check them out step by step.

1 Crypto Miner (FREE) – CoinGecko

CoinGecko offers users over 70,000 hardware devices. These devices come with 8GB RAM and 50GB SSD space. Additionally, they have 16 GPUs installed. Furthermore, their website has more than 20 million coins available on the platform. This provides enough for anyone to mine almost 2,500 different cryptocurrencies at once. Users can download and install their preferred applications and start mining. All you need to do is input their desired amount of money (BTC+) from anywhere in the world. For example, 10 dollars = 40000 BTC! After installation you just need to click the “Start Mining” button and wait for your account to be verified. There are also several methods available for beginners, such as installing Litecoin on Windows. This is the only thing you really need to make sure that you’re using the official source code. Their dashboard allows users to monitor their earnings and watch their rewards multiply. They even claim that there are no hidden costs when buying equipment. What else could you ask?


Pros Cons Easy to learn Very easy to figure out No registration fee No transaction fee High speed & performance

2 WazirX – OpenZeppelin

OpenZeppelin is arguably among the first popular decentralized cloud mining software developed in 2012. Initially launched on Ethereum network, this software became very popular among programmers and miners. But now users can mine on the leading blockchain networks like Solana, Binance Smart Chain, Cardano etc. You can download this open-source program to extract GPU resources from CPU cores. It means you can now mine ETH, Polygon, Aave, Avalanche, Tron, Polkadot, Solana Ropsten, Tezos, Cosmos SDK, Algorand, SushiSwap and many others. With each upgrade the mining process becomes faster, but not 100x faster. As for pricing, they have three plans which cost $1, $5 per month, and $20 per year. The minimum investment amounts in the following formats: Single user: 0.00001 BTC ($5), 1-user: $0.00015 BTC (0.00005 BTC each month), 1-person plan: $0.00016 BTC (0.00006 BTC each month), 7-people plan: $0.00008 BTC (0.00008 BTC each month)


Pros Cons Minimalistic and transparent Check out our review

3 ProtonMiner – Antminer

Antminer is another popular option for cloud mining with a clean interface that makes it easier to operate multiple rigs at the same time. Once installed, Antminer starts with scanning for new block rewards in its local database for storing reward addresses that exist on the connected pool. Then, it launches two parallel pools — Pool Main and Pool Worker. Both servers run simultaneously. During the next epoch, after every three blocks (every minute), both workers spin up while releasing an equal number of threads to collect Block Rewards. Every worker then processes the collected payments to earn revenue and transfer rewards to Antminer’s bank accounts. Unlike PoolsMax — which sends all the funds to the miner’s balance automatically, rather than sending each employee separately, Antminer does not require a significant initial cashout. Furthermore, if a miner experiences problems processing payment, he/she can always send an email requesting for help. When this problem occurs, an algorithm decides the payout method on the basis of the percentage of the total processed payments to the merchant. Now let’s see what other advantages of hiring ProtonMiner is: Quickly connect machines that host multiple computers; Multiple operating systems supported; Automated payouts; Automated system updates. What else could you ask?


Pros Cons Simple interface Simple interface Automatic payout If you encounter issues, please just report to [email protected] and request assistance You can also signup using a referral link provided on social media Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram

4 Ekejy – KinstaPaaS

Ekejy is a global leader in providing secure remote services, enabling enterprises to manage security, compliance, and operational needs. Its main focus is on reducing risk and improving customer experience through end-to-end visibility, reporting and analytics. Moreover, it helps customers improve security posture, mitigate cyber risks, and implement DevOps solutions. By offering various benefits, such as advanced threat detection, proactive intrusion prevention, and 24×7 security monitoring, IKEJY is well positioned to fulfill business requirements. Thus, today, the company focuses more precisely on service management. It uses modern machine learning algorithms to automate work, increase productivity, reduce human errors, and achieve better results. Its infrastructure supports thousands of clients worldwide, especially large organizations. Therefore, it should be the partner of choice for companies that want to quickly and easily deploy and train cybersecurity experts.


Pros Cons Advanced security features Full audit trails Fully trackable 24/7/365 Security Monitoring Live chat 24/7 Customer support 24/7 Platform customization 24×7 Real time response rate of 99.999% Trust Score: 95% Reliability Score: 95% ScalabilityScore: 94.6% SLA Score: 97.2% Read Review Get started

5 Genesis Mining – Oasis

Oasis offers highly efficient and automated bitcoin mining hardware through its centralized control center and powerful internet protocol technology to maximize uptime and reduce downtime. Plus, its enterprise level security capabilities allow partners and third parties to perform routine monitoring. Because of its simplicity and minimalist design, this provider offers high flexibility and scalability. Also, its industry experience and technical knowhow allows miners to scale efficiently. While other firms may try to convince that it needs ASICs or higher-end graphics cards, the truth is that Oasis uses more sustainable forms of energy and does not require them. Instead, their equipment is powered by solar panels, which produces zero emissions. This way, the company avoids air pollution. Overall, it gives users the freedom to choose how much electricity they need. One thing that we definitely cannot resist is a competitive advantage that takes away the edge of those who are already ahead.

Genesis Mining

Pros Cons Highly customizable 24/7 real time customer support 24/7 customer support 30 days’ trial period 6 months’ free trial period 15 minute setup fee Zero commission Yes Network size Limited geographic limitations None Additional restrictions


There are plenty of options available, but none of this list was able to beat the top 5 players in terms of price, quality and functionality. We recommend starting with the lowest-priced yet still high performing options so that you can reap as much as possible in crypto while making your crypto more valuable and valuable. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the articles too!

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